Our honey products

We have both specialty and commercial (bulk) products. We always aim for high quality and fair prices.

All our honeys have beautiful colour, fruity flavours and aromas, and versatile health benefits.

Honey can be used in various ways for food, medicine, and skincare. It has many vitamins and minerals, nutrients and antioxidant properties. We manufacture and supply the best honey for our consumers’ health. 

We also source our authentic raw honey from Myanmar forests, and sell products from our Golden Bee farm in Maymyo.

“Many vitamins and minerals”

“Honey can be used in various ways”

Our honey products

  • Industrial honey: multifloral, jujube (export markets)
  • Table honey (domestic markets)
  • Speciality honey: sunflower, sesame

Conventional (bulk) honey

  • 290/300kg drum conventional honey
  • 200g bottle conventional honey
  • 300g bottle conventional honey
  • 400g bottle conventional honey
  • 500g bottle conventional honey
  • 600 tons of honey produced in 2021

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