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Shwe Pan Company Limited values respect, honesty, empowerment, trust, authenticity and health.

We are a modern, genuine honey producer and seller that understands quality and consistency.

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    Managing Director: Mr. Htaik Gyee 

    Mobile: +95 9500 6938 

    WhatsApp: +95 9795555103

    Address: No. 207-243, Myat Lay Street, Nyar Na Ward, Pearl Myo Thit, Mingalardon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

    High Quality

    Produce high quality honey for domestic and export markets

    Understand customers' needs

    Fully understand our customers’ needs and meet their expectations

    Empower community

    Empower our small-scale beekeeping community with training in good beekeeping practices (GBP)

    Support youth & women

    Support youth and women to earn an income from beekeeping

    Social & Environmental Activities

    Support the local community with social and environmental activities

    Mentor the industry

    Mentor others in honey industry

    Help the industry

    Help the Myanmar honey industry to reach its full potential through knowledge sharing, new exporting opportunities, and the development of its younger generation of farmers and beekeepers